Coke targets French clubbers with Night Fusion variant

Coca Cola has taken a radical step in France, writes the advertising magazine CB News, to make its flagship drink more attractive to the young and trendy.

The company has introduced new packaging designed exclusively for deliveries to clubs and bars and coined a new brand, Coke Night Fusion, designed to be more in harmony with such surroundings. While the product stays the same and the bottle retains its shape, the familiar clear glass has been equipped with a phosphorescent white sleeve.

cokenightfusion.gif (3469 bytes)

Coke Night Fusion

Coke Night Fusion will form the focus of a promotional tour, taking in 44 venues, CB News says, and will not as yet be supported by a traditional above-the-line campaign. Instead, news of the initiative and of the 'new' product will be spread by targeted word of mouth and press releases, all designed to allow Coke to secure its place in 'the universe of the night'. For the moment, CB News says, France is the only place where Coke Night Fusion will appear.

(Source : CB NEWS

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