Coca-Cola M5

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Coca-Cola M5
The 5 M5 Bottles
Type Cola
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company
Country of Origin Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brasil
Introduced 2005

In 2005, Coca-Cola developed a line of five collectable aluminum bottles called the Magnificent 5 or M5. The soft-drink giant commissioned five different graphic design studios across the world to design the new line, which feature modern and hip designs aimed at young and creative consumers. The five graphic design firms are: The Designer's Republic (UK), Lobo (Brazil), MK12 (United States), Rex & Tennant McKay (South Africa), and Caviar (Japan).

These new aluminum bottles will only be featured at "the world's most exclusive clubs and lounges". The bottles will be released first in Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil. After one to two years Coca-Cola will decide whether or not to retire the designs.

Each bottle was released with a unique music video.

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 (M5 중 유럽을 대표한 영국의 Designer's Republic사가 디자인한 Love Being :
  2005년 세계알루미늄협회가 선정한 올해의 캔에 선정되었음 )

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